Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Rod's wedding Taylor made - 17th April

April 2nd 2007: "ROD STEWART and PENNY LANCASTER’s wedding plans are such a closely guarded secret, even family members don’t know where the ceremony will be. But I can put them all out of their misery — it is going to be on an Italian island in mid-June and the smart money is on Capri."

April 17th 2007: "I can reveal the pair are to tie the knot at the exclusive Portofino resort on the Italian Riviera in June and are flying all their guests over by private jet. The actual location for the wedding is a closely guarded secret."


David said...
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David said...

An interesting article you might be interested in:


Vicky seems to imply the footage is secretive ('doing the rounds') when in fact it is freely available via the Topshop podcast which is in the iTunes top 100.

Plus the 'video' only shows one fitting session so it definatley isn't representative of all the work Kate has done on her collection for Topshop.

Also the quote at the article is made up I think.

Keep up the good work sir.

Spodo said...

something else here, a so called exclusive.
how is this even newsworthy?

James said...


"MEL B has flogged snaps of her new baby girl to a trashy magazine".

Running that through Google's Newton-to-English translator, that comes out as:

"Despite me and 'my team' being willing to crawl through broken glass and elephant-dung if it means us getting a photo of Lindsay Lohan buying a Mini-Milk, we screwed up here. Our rivals trounced us. Don't worry though, I'll just switch to plan B: Pretending the story isn't really that important after all and making a big joke of it. I've even dragged my Photoshop boy off the urgent task of giving Peaches Geldof a mullet so that he could come up with a hilarious mock-up of the child! Ahahaha, I'm just mad, me."