Monday, 23 April 2007

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Times must be hard over at Bizarre judging by today's sources. Apparently "America's verdict" on Katie Price and Peter André's TV show has been given. I'm sure "katie/lynn", a member of the E! Online messageboards will be thrilled to find that a thread she started yesterday with a few throwaway comments has turned her into the voice of America. (Funny how the username "katie/lynn", which could mean any number of things, has turned into her apparent real name of Katie Lynn.)

Vicky managed to leave out the parts where the lovely "katie/lynn" refers to Pete as a "flamer", and little lad Harvey as "a fatty boomba-latty". Or how about "Mother of the year?? Oh brother, only in England would a hooker be named mother of the year."

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David said...

And I thought Vicky couldn't stoop any lower.