Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Robbie's Rudebox up for award - 24th April


"ROBBIE WILLIAMS has been nominated for an Ivor Novello award for his single Rudebox. And, yes, you DID read that correctly. Robbie’s self-penned track, which I crowned The Worst Single In History, is shortlisted for one of the top honours for British songwriting."

Either Vicky hasn't bothered looking into it, or she's twising reality to suit her own ends, but the award Robbie is up for isn't what she makes it out to be. Here's a quote from an awards spokesman on the This Is London website:
"The nominations are based on statistical data and the award is for the song by a British writer that has sold the most around the world."

So it actually has little to do with the quality of the song, and everything to do with how many copies it sold. But that wouldn't make much of a story, or enable her to churn out 350 words of ill-informed rubbish, would it?


Simon Christmas said...

well the Guardian seem to believe her:


Darwin said...

Yes, which is odd, considering they're linking to this very blog...