Thursday, 26 April 2007

Lily to sing at Diana concert - 26th April,,4-2007190250,00.html

"Queen of Chavs Lily will play the Queen of Hearts memorial gig in front of a massive global TV audience."

Ah, still up to her old bigotry. Perhaps someone should print this off and stick it to her screen?

And I do love the irony of Vicky having a pop at an "ill-informed exclusive".


Bridgey said...

I thought Lady Sov was Queen Chav?

James said...

I love the line "One star I can guarantee won’t be making an appearance is BEATLES legend RINGO STARR".

Crikey Vicky, are you sure you want to stick your neck out and make such a risky prediction? Perennial festival favourite Ringo Starr *won't* be there? Go on Mystic Vic, who else can you guarantee won't be there? Living in a Box? Jossy out of Jossy's Giants? Rod Hull?