Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Has Street hunk 'Ad it? - 3rd April

Last week, it was confirmed that Donatella Versace's daughter Allegra is suffering from anorexia. As reported in Bizarre, she is "seriously ill", and it's a "cruel disease". A pretty straighforward article, no jokes, no bitchiness.

Now let's move on to another celebrity who has suffered with eating disorders, Adam Rickitt. A picture of him appears where he doesn't look well, he too is "painfully thin". Does he get treated the same? Oh no. Adam is "washed-up". He's a "failed pop star" and "failed politician". He's "'ad it". Very sensitive, Vicky! I guess Adam's bulimia wasn't one of those facts you remembered "for a long time"?

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Martin said...

I'd like to draw your attention to one of today's articles...,,4-2007150864,00.html

...about Kimberley from Girls Aloud having her drink spiked. Vicky's sympathetic here, but it does seem a bit of a comedown from what she wrote about that night on March 12th...,,4-2007110607,00.html

A lesson for Vicky there - check your facts before you write. Oh, and she didn't credit OK! Magazine for Sarah Harding's comments, taken from this week's issue.