Saturday, 27 October 2007

Take That star's hospital agony - 27th October

A statement was published on Take That's official website yesterday, informing people that band member Howard Donald was in hospital and wouldn't be taking part in last night's show in Vienna.

This, somehow, not only got turned into an EXCLUSIVE by Vicky, but has ended up on the front page of the newspaper as the day's main story. Now, is it an exclusive because no-one else had the story, or an exclusive because no-one in their right mind would consider a story about a member of a reformed boyband being injured as being more important that any other news story in the entire world? I think it just shows quite how low The Sun is sinking.

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TaikoSilenced said...

In the same days paper, there was also a small section about the reforming of the "Dutch" band Aqua, most famous for their track Barbie Girl.

Just to point out though, they're actually from Denmark. Still, I guess Vicky wasn't too far off, after all, they both begin with D.

Other words and sayings that begin with D include "Dunce", "Dumbass" and "Do you want fries with that?", the latter being a comment Vicky may need if her and her team keep up their shoddy reporting.