Friday, 19 October 2007

Shaun takes on X Factor winner - 19th October

"SHAUN THE SHEEP is hot to trot to land this year's festive chart-topper, I can reveal. And WALLACE & GROMIT's pal could be the main challenger to the winner from the X Factor herd because I hear his track Life's A Treat is not half baa-d. And he has had words of encouragement from comic VIC REEVES - his voice in 1995's Oscar-winning short film Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave."

Where to start? "I's not half baa-d" - an opinion that could be formed by any 3 year-old who watches the Shaun the Sheep TV series, as "Life's A Treat" is the theme tune.

Vic Reeves didn't do Shaun's voice in A Close Shave - Shaun doesn't speak, and never has. He just bleats.

The Vic Reeves connection is that he performs "Life's A Treat", and it will be Vic who actually performs the Christmas single - so it won't even be Shaun the Sheep in the running for the Christmas number one, it'll be Vic Reeves.

Ewe need to do better research, Vicky.

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