Monday, 15 October 2007

Razorlight future is uncertain - 15th October

THE future of RAZORLIGHT doesn’t look too sharp – I can reveal JOHNNY BORRELL is working on solo projects. Another insider told me: “It’s been on the cards for a while because no one can stand working with him. The band are on the brink of splitting up – everybody just wants to move on now.”

FemaleFirst, August 28th:
Rocker JOHNNY BORRELL's RAZORLIGHT bandmates are begging him to release a solo record - because he's too creative for one band. Borrell is so obsessed with music, drummer Andy Burrows fears he'll explode if he can't find other ways to express himself. Burrows says, "I really wish he would do a solo record. He's got material coming out of his ears, that goes does not stop working. He writes on tour, he writes in his sleep, he writes all the bloody time. There's so much great stuff."

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