Wednesday, 5 September 2007

P Diddy's fury at drugs slurs - 5th September,,4-2007410314,00.html

Second non EXCLUSIVE of the day from a Vicky lackey. Nicking stuff from HolyMoly doesn't exactly scream "I GOT THIS FIRST", does it?

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*groan* What would Vicky have done if she'd been in the gossip business before the internet was around? I have a mental image of her presenting her column to the editor as a scrapbook of stories cut out of assorted newspapers and magazines each day. The Bizarre page would be particularly packed the day after her six-month check-up at the dentist.

By the way, could I take this moment to shamelessly plug Blog For Your Lives, my passable collection of tat? There's a truly fantastic game in there at the moment, plus a whole bunch of aces clips which will make any boy grin with glee.


James (Whose posts annoyingly come up as because I haven't worked out how to rename my Blogspot account yet)