Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Are Sugababes in strife again? - 4th September


"ALL is not sweetness and light in the SUGABABES camp.
I hear the girls could be poised for yet ANOTHER change to their line-up. KEISHA BUCHANAN and HEIDI RANGE held a crisis summit about the future of new girl AMELLE BERRABAH after a string of blazing rows in the recording studio. And it seems Amelle’s days could be numbered after the girls arranged secret auditions for a new member to join the group."

A few hours later on the official Sugababes website:

"Contrary to speculation Amelle Berrabah is not leaving Sugababes. Amelle and her bandmates Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range are in rehearsals this week for forthcoming live shows and have just completed filming for the video for their new single “About You Now” which will be released on 24th September, upfront of their new studio album “Change” which is released on 8th October. There have been no auditions for a new band member. "

So what do you think? Denying an untrue story, or cleverly using silly Vicky as a marketing tool?

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