Saturday, 29 September 2007

First listen of Britney album - 29th September,,4-2007450301,00.html

"But I’m the first journalist in the world to hear her new album and I can tell you — BRITNEY’s back, bitch!"

This one's a classic. It's a WORLD EXCLUSIVE. Our very own Vicky has had the world's first listen to the new Britney album. She's so excited by it that she's only managed to review three of the tracks though, and name two of the others. Which is a bit weird.

Or could it be that at the moment, only five tracks have been confirmed for the album, and, er, four of them were reviewed by Entertainment Weekly nearly 3 weeks ago? And which tracks were they given to listen to? Oh! It's Piece of Me, Radar, Break the Ice and Heaven on Earth - funnily enough the exact same songs Vicky mentions!

Entertainment Weekly:
'Piece of Me' kicks off with her standard breathy-sexy growl over a thumping hook: ''I'm Mrs. American dream/ Since I was 17.'' Then things get darker: ''I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous/I'm Mrs. 'Oh my God, that Britney's shameless'/ I'm Mrs. 'Extra, extra, this just in' / I'm Mrs. 'She's too fat, now she's too thin.'''

Vicky: It opens with the line: “I’m Mrs American Dream, since 17, they want a piece of me.” The chorus really hits home with a message about the crazy publicity circus surrounding the fallen pop princess. She sings: “I’m successful, rich and famous, I’m Mrs Oh My God I’m Britney Shameless, I’m Mrs Extra, Extra, This Just In, I’m Mrs She’s Too Big, She’s Too Thin.”

"Ah, but Vicky has lyrics to 'Heaven on Earth' which EW didn't publish!" I hear you cry. Well, it's pretty easy - the song has been floating around the internet for about a month. Have a listen yourself, and then click on 'more' where it says "This is a leaked demo..." and you too can copy and paste lyrics into any document you like.

So I think we can surmise from this that Vicky hasn't heard the new album at all, or certainly no more than is already publicly available.

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