Friday, 3 August 2007

Blink and you'll miss it hypocrisy - 3rd August,,4-2007350825,00.html

Ah, those heady days of January 2007, when Celebrity Big Brother and Jade Goody prompted The Sun to run with the headline 'EVICT THE FACE OF HATE' alongside various pictures of Jade in mid blink, yawn, or whatever made her look like a Nazi. This down partly to the fact that Jade had called Shilpa Shetty "Shilpa Poppadom".

Yet, a little over 6 months later, Vicky seems to think it's okay to label a photograph of Hilary Duff dressed in vaguely ethnic clothing as "Hilary Poppaduff". By 11am the caption had been changed, but not before "PrtScn" had been hit on Darwin's keyboard... Click the picture above to see the before and after.

In a similar manner, going back once again to this article in which The Sun denounced the word 'chav' as being on a par with 'paki' and 'chinky', today Vicky gives us Kerry Katona wearing "chavvy" clothes. What is this? Stereotype Friday?


Ben Martin said...

Here's one you missed from a week or so ago:

"The Gossip singer Beth Ditto has said she is missing her boyfriend while on tour"

So Beth Ditto, a well publicised lesbian, is missing her boyfriend? Fancy that.

Darwin said...

Hi Ben - I did see that and checked it out, but 15 Stone Squirrel Eating Lesbian Beth Ditto (to give her her full Sun title) is dating a female transvestite (i.e. a woman who wears man's clothes) and refers to her as "he" and "boyfriend". Crazy lady, crazy life...

Dx said...

Have you seen last week's Private Eye? The Street of Shame ran a whole column on the papers' recent BBC bashing, in the wake of the fakery stories. Highlights included the story you first broke late last year, when Vicky was snapped presenting the Bizarre awards several weeks before the first vote was cast.

Good work!