Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Brit's crazy for it - 8th August,,4-2007360707,00.html

I reckon Vicky thinks this story about Britney Spears might be a WORLD EXCLUSIVE. I'm not sure whether it's the way WORLD EXCLUSIVE is printed in the newspaper, or the way WORLD EXCLUSIVE is on the front page of The Sun's website, as well as it saying WORLD EXCLUSIVE on the front page of Bizarre. Also, surprisingly, it says WORLD EXCLUSIVE on the actual page of the article too. What do you think she's trying to say with this?

Perhaps it's that no-one else has this story? I suspect that might be it. I'm going to have to assume that by WORLD, Vicky means WORLD (except America), as their equivalent of 'heat' magazine, Us Weekly, had this story and pictures on the front cover of their magazine yesterday (see mag cover above).

Rebekah has already chewed Vicky's ear for missing the Pete Doherty interview, might not be a good idea to be claiming a fake WORLD EXCLUSIVE at this point...

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faberge egg said...

"And the desperately deteriorating state of the jazzy singer, who has pulled out of several recent gigs, led to her being nicknamed Amy Declinehouse in The Sun’s Bizarre column."

vicky will be delighted. if only the sun had been able to shoehorn in a reference to Amy's position as queen of the Camden Caners and it would've been a VN full house.