Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Madia: Mad's mob flick - 21st July,,4-2007330718,00.html

A quick note to start - saying Timbaland equates to 'gangster' is about as accurate as saying Ronan Keating equates to 'thrash metal'. But onto other matters - Chris Paciello and the film Madonna apparently wants to make about his life.

"In the early Nineties Madge was completely smitten with Paciello, who worked as a “nightclub investor” at the time.
She was introduced to the tough her best pal INGRID CASARES and started a passionate two-year relationship."

There were rumours - never confirmed - that Madonna and Paciello were dating. It was in 1997, not the 'early nineties', and they were rumours which lasted for about 2 months, not 2 years.

"My well-placed Madonna source said: “He led Madonna astray in 1992/1993 and most of her friends were unhappy about their relationship at the time."

I dread to think where this source is 'placed', as according to their timeline, Madonna was hanging out with him at the same time he was murdering people on behalf of the Mafia in New York, a year or two before he even moved to Miami and met Ingrid Casares - they didn't even meet until 1995.

"But I can reveal that following his release she has met him three times in the past six months to discuss making a movie about his life with her film company Maverick. A shortlist of stars has been drawn up for the project including MARK WAHLBERG, JOHN CUSACK and star of massive American sci-fi series Heroes MILO VENTIMIGLIA."

This all seemingly despite the fact that a well-received film has already been made about it, starring none other than Mark Wahlberg's brother, Donnie. It was shown on TV in the US in March 2007. Mark Wahlberg was attached to a similar project that fell through in 2004.

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