Monday, 16 July 2007

James goes Back To Blunt - 14th July,,4-2007320575,00.html

"But James flew me out to his £1miilion Ibiza hideaway to hear his new songs - and insists he is relaxed about the expectations on him to deliver another chart-topping triumph."

Yes, James did fly Vicky all that way. She just forgets to mention that it was along with FORTY FIVE other hacks from various sources. Not exactly the one-on-one exclusive hearing she's implying...


Kitty said...


...Bizarre tells us that Lindsay was partying with the Pussycat Dolls.

Not one of these girls is an actual Pussycat Doll, though, or is it me?

Darwin said...

It's you I'm afraid! They've replaced a couple of members. I did have to look at a few other photos to double check, but it's definitely them.

Thanks though!


Kitty said...

Which ones do you think they are? Nobody's left, they have a new member...they don't like them, apart from only wearing bras and having almost coresponding hair colours.

Sorry - I should get a more demanding job, but now I'm irritated!

Darwin said...

The two blonde ones in this picture

are certainly in the Sun picture.