Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Congratulations on the award, Vicky!

From Media Guardian:

"The Sun's Bizarre team scooped the top gong at last night's 21st Shafta Awards.

The tabloid's showbiz column won the Princess Margaret award for the claim that The Priory inmates Pete Doherty, Justin Hawkins and Tom Keane were getting together to form a band.

Under the headline "Stupor Group", the story ran last August. Alas, Tom Keane said in this week's Q magazine: "Justin Hawkins wasn't even there. If you could see the scenes and the people in The Priory you wouldn't even think it worthy of an article in Bizarre. It made me really angry and really nervous.""

Unsurprisingly, Vicky left that last part out of her article yesterday.

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